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Sunny Vicars – Sunday April 11th, 2021

It’s a beautiful Autumn afternoon in Brisbane. Under a soft blue, Sunday sky, the river is flowing gently by the Brisbane Jazz Club.
Inside, a super-cool quartet of Jazz musos is warming up the audience. Setting the scene.
That’s Damian Sim on piano, Robert Corcoran on tenor sax, Andrew Shaw on double bass, and Dom Machen on drums.
This is a great band, with a smoo-oooth sound. And the audience is quickly settled into a sweet Sunday vibe.
So, we now know just how…

The 8-Tracks – 28th March, 2021

There are eight talented musicians in this band. Hence, the 8-Tracks.
That’s three gifted songbirds up front – Giuliana Russo, Taryn Stewart and Amanda Harris, and 5 equally gifted musicians lined up across the back – Michael Russell on keys, David Hagger on bass, Craig MacDonnell on tenor sax and flute, Craig Wilson on drums, and Michael Smith on guitar.
Each one, a vital and indispensable cog in a powerful and thoroughly entertaining combination!! They are here on this beautiful, sunny…