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BIG KITTY – Friday February 14th, 2020

Personality-plus, 7-piece band, Big Kitty, danced on to our stage and introduced themselves.
‘Ladies and Gentlemen. Take your seats. Strap yourselves in.
‘We are going to give you two Sets. One of Love. After all, it is Valentine’s Day’.
‘And a second set, which will be about anything but Love’.
‘We are here to celebrate and to Boogie!! Are you ready?’
The answer from the bubbling, buzzing full house crowd, was a resounding ‘Yes!!’.
And celebrate, we did. This was Boogie Fever, from the…

Caxton Street Jazz Band. Friday February 7th, 2020

Named after a popular Brisbane entertainment precinct, the Caxton Street Jazz Band have been performing locally, nationally and internationally, in various combinations, across 43 years since they got started, way back in 1977.
While the inspiration for their signature Trad sound is unmistakeably the ‘Hot Jazz of the 1920’s and 30’s’, they pride themselves on a repertoire which embraces a broad range of tunes, genres and styles; all delivered with a smile and a wonderfully entertaining flair.
Of the current line-up of…

The Australian Army Band. Thursday January 30th, 2020

Tonight’s band was difficult to see. After all, they were all in camouflage kit!!  😊
However, with 5 trumpets, 4 trombones, 5 saxophones, piano, guitar, bass, drums, and the occasional vocalist, these 20 musicians were certainly not difficult to hear!!
And they were oh, so easy to listen to!!
Led by Music Director, Officer Commanding and occasional Sax-playing band member, Major Rachel Beeton, the Australian Army Band Brisbane completely filled our riverside stage, and entertained us with their glorious Big Band sound. A…