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The Barry Charles Band – October 17th 2019

We are fortunate, here at the Brisbane Jazz Club. 
Across four nights every week, we get to experience and enjoy a wide range of musical genres, styles and performances. And we love them all.
However, it is not often that we get to hear a voice quite like the one we are hearing tonight.
Ladies. Gentlemen. Blues fans, one and all. Please put your hands together for Mr. Barry Charles and his Band.
There’s Barry. Seated at centre stage. With his guitar and his harmonica. Ready to…

Greg Lyon and The Hip Operation – October 11th 2019

‘We’re putting the band back together. We are on a mission….’
Tonight, the mission is to launch an album, ‘A Tribute to Ray Charles. Live!’, that was recorded at the Brisbane Jazz Club in November 2018.
And what better spot to hold the launch, than the place that big-haired, leader of the band, Greg Lyon, described in his introduction, as ‘THE coolest Jazz Club on the planet!!’
Thanks Greg and your great band, The Hip Operation, for ensuring that the BJC lived up to that reputation tonight.
Regulars will know the extent to…

The Walters – October 5th 2019

Tonight at the Brisbane Jazz Club, The Blues came to town.
We just love The Blues. And tonight’s Full House audience loved this five-piece band, The Walters.
The guys gave us every kind of Blues. There was Slow Blues. There was Dreamy Blues. There was ‘He/she done me wrong and my dog just died’ Blues
And there were those Blues that make you to want to get out of your seat and into your dancing shoes.
While dancing space may have been in short supply around the room, there was not a head that wasn’t nodding. Not a foot…

Diamonds in the Sky – (a patron’s review)

Diamonds in the Sky was a show featuring some very polished performers. Theshow had a class about it, making it one of the best events I have seen atthe club. Everything blended well. From the moment the show started, youwere so enthralled by the wide range of music been sung, that the show tookon its own life. The quality of the show was evident from the beginning andthe title of the show, Diamonds in the Sky, suggested something specialmusically even…