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Gaby Moreno – Saturday March 16th, 2019

Let me begin at the end of the night….with one of the most enthusiastic and clamorous standing ovations that I have seen at the Brisbane Jazz Club.
Every member of our full house audience was on her/his feet, calling for an encore. They were smiling. They were clapping. They were whistling. And they were cheering. They stood as one, in a memorable expression of appreciation for an outstanding performance by the sublimely talented, LA-based songbird from Guatemala, María Gabriela Moreno Bonilla…

Trina Lincoln and Held To Ransom – Saturday March 9th, 2019

It’s Saturday night at the Brisbane Jazz Club. So slide in. Sit down. Slip into sweet and mellow. Prepare to be captured. Enraptured. Held To Ransom.
We’ve got rhythm. We’ve got music. We are Held To Ransom. Who could ask for anything more?
Please allow me to introduce the gang that now has your attention.
Da boss is Papa Play-it-all, Ken Lincoln. That’s him on clarinet, tenor/alto/soprano sax, and piano. Alongside him, henchman Michael Smith is grabbing you with his crisp, bouncy guitar solos. And at the…