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Dan Quigley (and four young gentlemen) – Friday February 9th, 2019

In introducing his combo, Dan described them as ‘Four young gentlemen and me, the old guy’. I smiled in noting that, for this old guy reviewer, ‘FIVE YOUNG gentlemen’, would have been a far more accurate description.
‘Old’ Dan, who led the band with his trumpet, explained that his father brought him to the Brisbane Jazz Club for the first time, when he was ten. ‘I’ve loved the music and this place ever since’.
Of course, he has been back many times.
Tonight it was in the company of Tyler…

Brad Leaver and Swing Central –  Sunday January 27th, 2019

‘If you can use some exotic booze…Come Fly With Me…’.
Not to ‘..a bar in far Bombay’.
Not to the long-defunct Copa Room at The Sands in Las Vegas.
No. ‘Come Fly With Me’ to the Brisbane Jazz Club at Kangaroo Point, for a night of exotic schmooze, with Brad Leaver and Swing Central, and their overflowing songbook of crooner classics.
The best of the best is all there. The songs of Sinatra, Dino, Sammy Davis Jnr, Bobby Darin and Nat King Cole are presented to you in driving and dynamic arrangements and sharp black…