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Review Archive for 2019

Out Of Abingdon  – October 27th 2019

Abingdon Street, Woolloongabba, Brisbane, is where Tina Fullerton and Warwick Hargreaves were living…or perhaps leaving…ten years ago, when they started playing together as a sassy and very classy, duo.
And today at the Brisbane Jazz Club, we were fortunate to have them here, with some very talented friends, sharing a celebration of their tenth anniversary of performing together as Out Of Abingdon.
Tina: ‘I didn’t imagine, when I first picked up the bass 10 years ago, that we would go on to be able to…

The Barry Charles Band – October 17th 2019

We are fortunate, here at the Brisbane Jazz Club. 
Across four nights every week, we get to experience and enjoy a wide range of musical genres, styles and performances. And we love them all.
However, it is not often that we get to hear a voice quite like the one we are hearing tonight.
Ladies. Gentlemen. Blues fans, one and all. Please put your hands together for Mr. Barry Charles and his Band.
There’s Barry. Seated at centre stage. With his guitar and his harmonica. Ready to…

Greg Lyon and The Hip Operation – October 11th 2019

‘We’re putting the band back together. We are on a mission….’
Tonight, the mission is to launch an album, ‘A Tribute to Ray Charles. Live!’, that was recorded at the Brisbane Jazz Club in November 2018.
And what better spot to hold the launch, than the place that big-haired, leader of the band, Greg Lyon, described in his introduction, as ‘THE coolest Jazz Club on the planet!!’
Thanks Greg and your great band, The Hip Operation, for ensuring that the BJC lived up to that reputation tonight.
Regulars will know the extent to…

The Walters – October 5th 2019

Tonight at the Brisbane Jazz Club, The Blues came to town.
We just love The Blues. And tonight’s Full House audience loved this five-piece band, The Walters.
The guys gave us every kind of Blues. There was Slow Blues. There was Dreamy Blues. There was ‘He/she done me wrong and my dog just died’ Blues
And there were those Blues that make you to want to get out of your seat and into your dancing shoes.
While dancing space may have been in short supply around the room, there was not a head that wasn’t nodding. Not a foot…

Diamonds in the Sky – (a patron’s review)

Diamonds in the Sky was a show featuring some very polished performers. Theshow had a class about it, making it one of the best events I have seen atthe club. Everything blended well. From the moment the show started, youwere so enthralled by the wide range of music been sung, that the show tookon its own life. The quality of the show was evident from the beginning andthe title of the show, Diamonds in the Sky, suggested something specialmusically even…

To Sergio With Love – September 21st 2019

If there was a way to do it here, the essence of tonight’s performance would be better captured in colours than in words.
However, without the benefit of a paintbrush, please help set the mood by relaxing, smiling…and singing along with the opening strains of ‘Mas Que Nada’…  
Ohhhhh…   Ah-ree-eye.   Eye-oh.      O-bah. O-bah. O-bah.
Ohhhh. Wah-oh-oh-oh.    Ah-ree-eye.   Eye-oh.      O-bah. O-bah. O-bah.
Are you with me? Ready for a ride through a beautiful, tropical Brazilian night?  Ready for six talented musicians to drop in, tune up, turn…

Rhiannon and Laurence Hobgood – Saturday August 3rd, 2019

It’s Saturday night. And it’s Day 3 of our 2019 Brisbane Vocal Jazz Festival.  
You have just parked your car.
And if I may offer a word of advice before you come in……just for tonight….leave all of the following in that car…
Your preconceptions about what Jazz is.
Your yearning for the familiar, in melody and lyric.
Your desire to tap your feet to a defined, confined, comfortable musical form and structure.
The Duke, Count Basie, Miles, Trane, Ella, Sarah, Carmen, Billie, Frank, Chet, Nat, Kurt Elling…
Sammy Cahn…

Graeme Norris Group – Sunday July 28th, 2019

Imagine this…
Sunday morning. A typically gorgeous, mild, sunny, mid-winter’s day in Brisbane. You are at Kangaroo Point, ambling along the banks of the Brisbane River.
You slide under the Story Bridge and past the Holman Street ferry, to arrive at the colourful, Jazz-muralled wall of our newly renovated, riverside Brisbane Jazz Club.
Looking for nourishment, both musical and nutritional, you swing in for coffee or bubbles, and a delicious, Story Bridge Hotel-catered brunch.
You settle in. Get comfortable. And then, ooooh….you are caressed, soothed…

Estampa – Thursday 11th July

Fancy some wine at a Parisian
brasserie, or sharing tapas at a café in Rio? We packed suitcases, headed for
the Brisbane Jazz Club (11 July) and boarded a plane with Estampa for a musical
sojourn of samba, gypsy jazz, and bal-musette.
Estampa took us far afield with even a township song and a Swedish polska. “Estampa means stamp in Spanish,” Rebecca Karlen (violin, voice) says.
“It has a mixture of meanings for us: stamp like in a passport, because we are from…