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The humidity and heat are stifling and oppressive on this Thursday evening as the gibbous moon, threatening and leering in melancholy, emerges.
Rolling clouds part and a refrain of lilting banjo and fiddle passes across the ear in the riverside refuge of the Brisbane Jazz Club.
The woes of metropolitan life ease, as the wistful and upbeat Laique have grown and evolved in the three years following the release of ‘Cravin’ Just A Little Misbehavin’ (2010). They are currently in the studio for…

Seventh Avenue – Friday 11/10/13

Amongst all of the wonderful offerings at the Brisbane Jazz Cub it is always good to hear our much loved old jazz standards being performed from time to time.  but it is especially good to hear a group of youthful, enthusiastic, fresh, uber talented musicians applying their own interpretation and breathing new life to them.

That is what Seventh Avenue did on Friday night.  And they nailed it.  no sentimental trip down memory lane from them, they took old faves like Summertime, Nice…