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Mooshim brought some wintry soundscapes to the BJC with a rare and interesting combination of genres: if you drew a line from Bartok to Thelonius Monk, then veered left at Soft Machine and added a dash of Steve Reich and Eberhard Weber, you’re in the general area.
The use of woodwinds soloing over immaculately repetitive piano figures marks them with a slightly European/ECM feel , which also means that the complex rhythms are not tonally confrontational, and the use of a…

Karen Anderson & the Fortunate Sinners

I always love the buzz when the club is full, the musicians seem to spark off the energy in the room and just give that little bit more to their audience and the atmosphere is just so good. Add to that the warm and generous personality of Karen Anderson and her superb band the Fortunate Sinners and you really have an excellent night of entertainment.
We all know Karen’s big, big voice and she was in fine form last night, she…