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Dear Members and Patrons,

The celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Brisbane Jazz Club was a great success! Thank you all of those who joined us for the celebration.

We are now back to our usual opening days of Thursdays to Sundays and we have been able to expand the numbers slightly with the easing Covid restrictions while continuing to follow the Queensland Health Directives.

The impact of the recent flooding and the continuing varieties of the Covid virus has presented problems for catering at the Jazz Club. Our long-term caterers, The Story Bridge Hotel, faced with building alterations and shortage of chefs, can no longer provide meals for the Club. We are currently looking for alternative caterers and, until secured, patrons may be faced with restricted food options at the Club. We ask for your tolerance at these difficult times.

However, more importantly, the music is back, and we look forward to your support.

Warm regards,

Paul Day


Brisbane Jazz CLub

Brisbane Jazz Club is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland