Brisbane Jazz Club Closure


To: Members and Patrons on the Brisbane Jazz Club

You will be aware that at 9pm Sunday night, the Prime Minister of Australia announced the closure of Bars, Pubs, Clubs, Cinemas, Gyms, Restaurants and other non-essential venues until further notice.

He indicated that it could be for as long as six months or even longer, but it would be reviewed regularly.

It means that, despite our efforts and determination to remain open for as long as possible, we have now closed our doors until further notice.

It is a sad time for us all, but we do understand this requirement is necessary if transmission of the Covid-19 virus is to be slowed and eventually stopped.

We tried our hardest to reduce numbers at the Club , observe hygienic practices and encourage social distancing but the matter has been taken out of our hands.

This closure comes at a difficult time, financially, for the Club, following the relocation of our events while the renovations took place, but we are determined to hang in there and re-open as soon as it is permitted and safe to do so.

We are looking at several assistance packages offered by the Government for our employees that have been stood down and for the survival of the Club itself and hopefully we will be eligible.

As the close-down was ordered by the Government, the Club is not obliged to refund any forward bookings, but we don’t think that fair. If you have booked ahead and desire a refund, please email and we will oblige as quickly as we can, but if you desire to assist at this time and donate your prepayment as a donation back to the Club it would be deeply appreciated and, as a donation it will be tax deductible.

On another issue, we are hoping to do some streaming of bands to keep the jazz flowing and help us get through the period. It is only being explored at this juncture but, if possible, for a small fee it might help our musicians at this trying time and help meet some fixed costs of the Club.

We will keep you posted.

In the meantime, I wish you all well, please stay safe and see you back at the Club one day.


Paul Day


Brisbane Jazz Club Inc

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