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Sarah Collyer – Sunday Brunch 28th April, 2019

Looking for somewhere to relax, chill and recover after a big Saturday night?
In the market for a rosy glow and a cruisy way to kick-start your Sunday?
Well, today, at the Brisbane Jazz Club, you can stroll out to the deck, grab a delicious brunch, and settle in for a spot of revival and restoration, with Sarah Collyer and her talented trio.
There’s guitarist, Jamie Clark, with his trademark warm and mellow tone, lovingly caressed from a custom-made arch-top, (from a guitar maker in…

Cleon Barraclough and his 10 piece Band – Sunday April 21st, 2019

We have many outstanding nights here at Brisbane’s Home of Live Jazz.And yep. We had one tonight.Billed as ‘Cleon Barraclough and his 10 piece Band’, the night could be just as accurately have been billed as, ‘Cleon Barraclough’s Wall of Sound’. For that is exactly what this band of exquisitely skilled musicians delivered.This was In your face. No apologies. Take no prisoners. This was talent and personality overflow. This was eleven true Masters at work. This was a power-packed, brilliant, wall of sound.And the packed house, Sunday-night audience…

Gaby Moreno – Saturday March 16th, 2019

Let me begin at the end of the night….with one of the most enthusiastic and clamorous standing ovations that I have seen at the Brisbane Jazz Club.
Every member of our full house audience was on her/his feet, calling for an encore. They were smiling. They were clapping. They were whistling. And they were cheering. They stood as one, in a memorable expression of appreciation for an outstanding performance by the sublimely talented, LA-based songbird from Guatemala, María Gabriela Moreno Bonilla…

Trina Lincoln and Held To Ransom – Saturday March 9th, 2019

It’s Saturday night at the Brisbane Jazz Club. So slide in. Sit down. Slip into sweet and mellow. Prepare to be captured. Enraptured. Held To Ransom.
We’ve got rhythm. We’ve got music. We are Held To Ransom. Who could ask for anything more?
Please allow me to introduce the gang that now has your attention.
Da boss is Papa Play-it-all, Ken Lincoln. That’s him on clarinet, tenor/alto/soprano sax, and piano. Alongside him, henchman Michael Smith is grabbing you with his crisp, bouncy guitar solos. And at the…

Dan Quigley (and four young gentlemen) – Friday February 9th, 2019

In introducing his combo, Dan described them as ‘Four young gentlemen and me, the old guy’. I smiled in noting that, for this old guy reviewer, ‘FIVE YOUNG gentlemen’, would have been a far more accurate description.
‘Old’ Dan, who led the band with his trumpet, explained that his father brought him to the Brisbane Jazz Club for the first time, when he was ten. ‘I’ve loved the music and this place ever since’.
Of course, he has been back many times.
Tonight it was in the company of Tyler…

Brad Leaver and Swing Central –  Sunday January 27th, 2019

‘If you can use some exotic booze…Come Fly With Me…’.
Not to ‘..a bar in far Bombay’.
Not to the long-defunct Copa Room at The Sands in Las Vegas.
No. ‘Come Fly With Me’ to the Brisbane Jazz Club at Kangaroo Point, for a night of exotic schmooze, with Brad Leaver and Swing Central, and their overflowing songbook of crooner classics.
The best of the best is all there. The songs of Sinatra, Dino, Sammy Davis Jnr, Bobby Darin and Nat King Cole are presented to you in driving and dynamic arrangements and sharp black…

Galapagos Duck – Saturday, 19 January, 2019

The Duck is back in town. And at their brilliant best.
Tonight, it would have been handy for the Brisbane Jazz Club to have been twice our size. We could have comfortably accommodated everyone that wanted to catch them.
For the capacity-plus crowd that were able to get in, it was an absolute blast. A night to remember.
Galapagos Duck started life at a New South Wales ski resort in 1969. In 1973, they became the house band at Sydney’s ‘The Basement’.
In various…

Nina Ferro & Band (Melbourne) – A Tribute to Aretha Franklin

Wednesday, 21st November
This will be a very short review. Nina Ferro and band with Ingrid James doing some guest Back up Vocals.  Fab Fab Fab.  What a voice! Belting out Aretha’s wonderful songs. It took me right back to my teenage years in the 60’s when I heard and danced to them ( yes I can remember that long ago).
Nina and band were brilliant, full of energy and HOT. Every song you hope you’d hear you did. Nothing to disappoint…

Shannon Marshall presents: The music of Cannonball Adderley – Friday November 16th, 2018

When five of Brisbane’s finest musicians come together to share their mutual love of the music and style of a Jazz legend, history is recreated. History is re-lived.
Tonight, with the Club’s Time Machine set to New York: 1960’s, Shannon Marshall, Brad McCarthy, Wil Sargisson, Nick Quigley and Paul Hudson stepped on to the stage and led us on a flawless journey through the Soul Jazz of alto sax man, Julian ‘Cannonball’ Adderley.
Brad on alto sax, was blowing hot for Cannonball.